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Lauren McColloch


I always say it doesn't matter where you're from, Ojai is where you want to be.
When I moved to the Ojai valley in 2000 I knew I'd never leave. Two short years later I married a local and we started a family. Every few years the gypsy in me begs to wander. The compromise has been to live in every corner of this valley and that has given me a unique perspective. This truly is a place for everybody.
Since my first job, I have in some capacity worked in service and helping others is where I excel. Working in real estate now I get to do what I love which is helping bring people and houses together to create a home.
Bios are a perfect starting point in getting to know a person, but my favorite way is to chat over coffee. Let's meet up and see how I can help you create home.

Lauren McColloch
727 W Ojai Ave
Phone: 805-320-4128
Phone: 805-646-7288

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